WAP and the vilification of female sexuality

Earlier in August, two of the world’s most famous female rappers, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion released a song called WAP – standing for Wet Ass Pussy. On Youtube, the music video originally came out with the words “Wet and Gushy”. It is fair to say the success of the song has been raging;Continue reading “WAP and the vilification of female sexuality”

What is ethical pornography?

I couldn’t help but wonder: what is ethical porn? Why is the consumption of it crucial? Recently, with the increased circulation of Exodus Cry’s video on the damaging child sex trafficking, rape, sexual assault and exploitation in videos on Pornhub, the world’s largest pornography website, people are increasingly paying attention to the ethics of pornography.Continue reading “What is ethical pornography?”

The Sex Education I Missed Out On

To round off #PrideMonth, and this weekends celebrations, a lovely LGBT colleague of mine, Lota from @Kliteraturapod wrote a guest blog! I have a confession to make. I’m 25 years old, a sex educator, and I have never put a condom on a banana. Shocking, I know. I wanted to get that out of theContinue reading “The Sex Education I Missed Out On”

Sex education: talking to my sisters, mother and grandmother

I couldn’t help but wonder: why has sex education been so contested throughout time? “An American school board member wrote in 1986, ‘There’s an old saying that “there are only two things for certain in this world; death and taxes,” a third certainly might be added: disagreement about sex education” (Fiennes, 2019, p. 2). FromContinue reading “Sex education: talking to my sisters, mother and grandmother”

Wildlife trade and the pursuit of sexual performance

We couldn’t help but wonder: could there be a crossover between our main fields of interest: illegal wildlife trade and sexual health?  We thought it was time for a twin collab, but we didn’t realise how timely this could get. In case you didn’t know, Sicily, my twin, is a wildlife trade researcher (see herContinue reading “Wildlife trade and the pursuit of sexual performance”

Anti-racism and sexual health: anthropological reflections

I couldn’t help but wonder: how can we go beyond performative social media alliances, and bring about a deeper educational and structural change in society, sexual health and beyond in regards to anti-racist work? In order, to be anti-racist, silence cannot be assumed. This is a passive way to respond to the urgencies of theContinue reading “Anti-racism and sexual health: anthropological reflections”

Talking periods

I couldn’t help but wonder: what was the deal with periods? Why is there so much taboo around them?  Prerequisite: although this article will refer to ‘women’ based on surveys and research done, it is imperative to understand… The average menstruator, having their period for roughly 5 days every 28, from the average ages ofContinue reading “Talking periods”